Supporting the Brain Naturally

In a society that moves at digital speed, many people struggle with information overload—the ever-increasing amount of data that pours into our lives from social media, apps, webpages and other sources. The figures are staggering; by one estimation, we send 16 million text messages and 156 million emails every minute....

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Say Yes to the Noos

It’s a cliché to say we live in a fast-paced world, but it’s true. And no organ feels the effects of this quickened pace more than the brain, which must process ever-increasing amounts of information.  No wonder one recent survey found neurological dysfunction to rank behind only cancer and obesity...

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Flexible Brain

You walk into a room and forget why. Or you finish a crucial work e-mail and hit Send before you add a subject line. Or you’re making a point in conversation and can’t retrive the word you want. The worst part? It’s happening more and more. One fear that accompanies...

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